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Whole Numbers and Ordinal Numbers: Introduction

In the unit Whole Numbers and Cardinal Numbers, we learned about numbers - whole numbers - from zero to one million: what these numbers are and how to write them. We learned that we write a whole number that tells us how many of something that we have, the number is called a cardinal number.

In this unit Whole Numbers and Ordinal Numbers, we learn how to write numbers when they are used to describe an order, such as rank or position. An example is to say that something is third from the right. Numbers when written that describe an order are called ordinal numbers.

Whole Numbers and Ordinal Numbers: 0 to 9

0th zeroth

As we saw in the unit Whole Numbers and Cardinal Numbers, zero is nothing.

1st first

   DeepSkyBlue Box

2nd second

   Chartreuse Box   SkyBlue Box

3rd third

   Navy Box   SaddleBrown Box   Pink Box

4th fourth

   MidnightBlue Box   CornflowerBlue Box   Maroon Box   Magenta Box

5th fifth

   GreenYellow Box   Blue Box   HotPink Box   Cyan Box   MediumTurquoise Box

6th sixth

   SlateBlue Box   CadetBlue Box   SandyBrown Box   MediumSeaGreen Box   MediumAquamarine Box   PowderBlue Box

7th seventh

   Sienna Box   Thistle Box   Teal Box   Chocolate Box   Gold Box   Aqua Box   DarkViolet Box

8th eighth

   LawnGreen Box   Peru Box   Khaki Box   OliveDrab Box   Fuchsia Box   MediumBlue Box   DarkOrchid Box   Wheat Box

9th ninth

   DarkOliveGreen Box   DarkBlue Box   DeepPink Box   Goldenrod Box   SpringGreen Box   Orchid Box   BurlyWood Box   MediumPurple Box   SteelBlue Box

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